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JSD 1300


The autoclave uses saturated steam as a sterilizing medium. The first stage is a steam pulsation/vacuum method to effectively remove all the air from porous packs and to raise the packs temperature prior to the sterilizing stage. After sterilizing, it adopts a high-vacuum to effectively remove all moisture from the packs


The hospital series autoclaves are equipped to complete the
following cycles:

  • Wrapped Goods
  • Un-Wrapped Goods
  • Bowie-Dick Test Cycle
  • Low-Temperature
  • Small Volumes of Liquids
  • Leak Test


  • The Autoclave is fully automatic PLC controlled, and can be equipped with flush mounted cycle printers.
  • The Autoclave can be equipped with Internal Steam Generators.
  • All autoclaves sized 160lt and and above are equipped with a carriage and trolly set.
  • All autoclaves sized 160lt and and below are equipped with two internal sliding trays.
  • The Autoclave is equipped with a soft touch 7 inch HMI screen that has a clear two line LCD display.
  • The Autoclave is equipped with emergency stop buttons.
  • The Autoclave is manufactured according to the South African SANS 347 standard specifications for high-pressure, high-vacuum steam sterilizers, and British EN285 standard for sterilization of steam and large sterilizers.
  • The Autoclave has a ten year pressure vessel integrity warranty.
  • The Autoclave can be equipped with high quality solenoid or pneumatic valves.
  • The Autoclave is equipped with rapid drawing vacuum-pumps.
  • The Autoclave is equipped with the most sophisticated water saving techniques available.


Volume(m³): 1.3
Inner Size (LxWxH): 1500x950x920
Outer Size (LxWxH): 1785x2000x2000 (Single Door)
1870x2000x2000 (Double Door)
Steam Usage (Kg): 72 Kg
Water (L): ±65ℓ
Power: Unit/Boiler: 72Kw
Net Weight (Kg): ±2100Kg
Design Pressure (kPa): 360
Design Temp (°C): 143


Door Type:

  • Single Door
  • Pass Through System

Automatic Sliding Door:

  • JSD Series - Jacketed Sliding Door
  • JDSD Series - Jacketed Double Sliding Door

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