Our core business is the manufacturing of autoclaves, refurbishing of autoclaves and maintenance of autoclaves. Medi-Clave(was established in February 1999 and in a very short time Medi-Clave has successfully established itself in the market and our continuing customer growth, shows that we are truly dedicated in providing our customers with the service they expect. At Medi-Clave your total satisfaction is our number one priority! We are strategically based between Johannesburg and Pretoria near the Pelindaba Necsa site with a fully equipped 1000m2 factory where our dedicated staff can manufacture and refurbish any type of sterilizer. We invite you at any time to visit our premises to access for yourself how competent and well equipped we are.

It has always been our policy to re-invest significant amounts of our profits into product development, manufacturing systems and equipment. Medi-Clave autoclaves are manufactured using ultra modern equipment allowing us to quickly respond to our customer's demands for high quality cost effective autoclaves. We aim to have close relations with the manufacturing of all components utilized, giving us close control over the quality of manufacturing processes. At Medi-Clave we pride ourselves on our ability to introduce new ideas and processes into the autoclave market. Where we lead, so often others follow ................

With the most on hands experience available and advanced technology available, Medi-Clave and their highly dedicated staff ensure you that the Medi-Clave autoclave is designed to outperform any locally available autoclave at highly competitive prices.